About Me

PHP web developer since 2004

Maintaining and fixing Computers since Windows 95. Grew up working with Computers and websites and I design professional looking sites. I have excellent troubleshooting skills and I am a creative person. Since 2015 I started working with Debian / Ubuntu servers and CentOS. I like fixing PC hardware problems and playing with graphics cards and in my spare time I fix the Computers of other people for free.

There are several open source PHP scripts that I wrote on Github which can be viewed from the blog section.

I have been maintaining Debian servers from start to finish with excellent security protection.

I also focus on performance of all the scripts including the server for excellent speed using OPCache.

Search engine optimization is also one of my expertise. I have been positioning and optimizing websites since the good old days of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Try Vivaldi Browser

Try Vivaldi browser, if you used Opera 12 or older you will love Vivaldi. Built in E-mail client and most of the functions of old Opera. Built for power users, typed history in the address bar, side panel and much more.

Download it from here ❯ https://vivaldi.com

Github Projects