PHP password protect single page script with multiple users

A simple and easy to use PHP snippet to password protect a single page or multiple pages. This is just a template with plain text password, don't forget to add your preferred hashing function to hash and verify your passwords. Each user is associated with a random token which is read more

Dynamic DNS bash shell script for IPv6 prefix using token or DHCPv6 for Linux

A bash script to update your preferred Dynamic DNS service with dynamic IPv6 prefix. There are two versions of this script, one with IPv6 token and one with DHCPv6. If you use your router to set a fixed suffix then you can use the DHCPv6 version or if you use read more

OpenWrt VLAN setup guide using LUCI for IOT and Wireless with DSA

In this easy to use step by step tutorial I will show you how to setup a basic VLAN on your OpenWrt router using LUCI. For help with advanced VLAN setup refer to OpenWrt forums or OpenWrt website since this example isolates an Ethernet port for VLAN use. In this read more

Connecting via SSH and SFTP as www-data using key based authentication

For Debian or Ubuntu server.Connecting to SSH using SFTP as www-data using key based authentication is easy.These are the steps to /mkdir /www-datachmod 0755 /www-data/cd www-datamkdir .sshcd .sshchmod 0700 /www-data/.sshnano authorized_keys(paste your key: ssh-rsa DUSAOAUUAsuodu.........) Then savechmod 0600 /www-data/.ssh/authorized_keysusermod -d /www-data/ www-datachown -R www-data:www-data /www-data/chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/nano /etc/passwdreplace read more

IPv6 home server with dynamic prefix for VPN, Web Server, RDP and Firewall setup guide

IPv6 is the new successor to legacy IPv4 which overcomes the shortages of IPv4 addresses since it only contains 4,294,967,296 IP addresses where as the smallest IPv6 block which is a /64 has 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 addresses. The world is running out of IPv4 addresses and more and more ISPs are read more